Quality Policy

Quality and Environmental Policy

(Anar Group Comprising of Anar Chemicals LLP & Anar MCAT Advanced Electronic Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.)

Anar group of companies (referred as above) design ,develop, manufacture, market and sell:

Dyes, Pigments, Intermediates and related Specialty Chemicals for Domestic and International Markets.

Being aware about the importance of our Quality & Environmental Management system and about the fact that our activities and products have impacts on the environment, We, A/MGM and Employees are committed to

  • Comply with requirements of and continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System to enhance customer satisfaction by adopting the process approach
  • Continual improvement and prevention of pollution
  • Comply with relevant environmental and other legal requirements.

On Year to Year basis, we intend to set

I. Our Goals in some of the following areas leading to enhanced customer satisfaction:

  • Areas for Quality objectives:
  • Continual Improvement & Monitoring of cycle time of processes, time for responses to customers, rejection, downtime of the plant.

    Continual Improvement in identification of customer requirements, quality of purchased products, of just in time procurement, yields, on time delivery, designs of processes and products.

II. Our Environmental Goals in some of the following Areas:

  • Continual Monitoring of Pollution levels, resource consumption, use of hazardous and non-biodegradable materials, wastages.
  • Continual improvement in house keeping, improve safety levels and are committed to review them periodically.

Quality Standards :

Anar Group - QMS
Anar Group - EMS
Anar Group - OHSAS
Anar Group - PAS 99



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