Petroleum Industries

Anar offers a wide range of petroleum Dyes and Markers. All are readily soluble and easy to handle. Available in liquid form, Anar's dyes and Markers are designed and formulated to meet fuel industry requirements which may vary by country to country and corporate to corporate.

Anar can offer blends , a route to achieving non-standard colours. More complex, custom variations may call for changes in chemistry, solvent and concentration. Anar can give standardised products against well-known international brands.

Our dyes and Markers dissolve easily and completely in all petroleum products like Gasoline ( Petrol ) , Gas Oil ( Diesel ) , Kerosene , Lubricants , Mineral Oil , Aviation Fuel ( ATF ) , Heating Oil , Marine diesel or Agriculture diesel etc.. or even special application like smoke dyes and easy to handle and have no significant side effects on any of the other properties of the fuel.

Anar is proud to offer smoke dyes for use in aerobatic displays by Air Force teams of different countries. These are specially formulated for use in jet engines in which they have to withstand very high temperatures.

Anar can also supply the dyes and markers which can be used in fiscal marker packages , to identify fuels for tax purposes and can help in efforts of brand building of your products.

Liquid Solvent Dyes
Solvent Mixture Dyes
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