Our Focus

Global Specialty Chemicals Industry Ė Status

Ever increasing pressure on costs, Necessity to shorten time-to-market to maintain growth rate, Underlying intense competition

ANAR offers cost effective services with speed, quality and range, designed to support new products throughout their life cycle

ANAR enables customers to focus their resources on their core competencies and reduce those activities which can be Smart Sourced

ANAR focuses on growth, technology expansion and cost leadership in order to service the increasing demands of the specialty chemicals industry

Anarís Strategy

  • Actively marketing technical capabilities with innovative market leaders
  • Constant update of technologies related to cost efficient production and services
  • Offering of manufacturing capabilities to suit customers needs
  • Actively building knowledge base and capabilities
  • Planning to move into high end of value chain

Anarís Positioning

  • As a well-known & trusted player in niche intermediates & dyes & chemicals
  • Aiming for leadership position in selected intermediates
  • Strong technological base and research skills
  • Financial stability / flexibility
  • Values based management
  • Committed scientists and professionals
  • Competitive Pricing and Prompt Deliveries
  • Customer Specific Packaging
  • We believe in Total Customer Satisfaction and strive to achieve it by offering quick response to customer's inquiries.

Anarís Model for Growth

Focused development of niche specialty chemicals business by:

  • Contract Research
  • Custom Synthesis
  • Broadening Technology Reach
  • Investment in Emerging Technologies
  • Strategic Alliances
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