Our Offices

Anar Chemicals has two offices located in Ahmedabad city. Our new Corporate office is situated in the centre of the city and Plant office is in the factory premises which is about 15KM away from the city.
Plant Office
Corporate office

Manufacturing Facilities

Anar Chemicals has its manufacturing site in Vatva GIDC, Ahmedabad which is about 15KM from the center of the city. We have FOUR dedicated multipurpose plants where we produce various product streams namely Liquid Solvent Dyes, Naphthols, Metal Phthalocyanines, Dyes & Intermediates and Speciality Chemicals. All our plants are well equipped and supported by an expert team of engineers for Process Scale-up, Plant Design, Erection, and Commissioning.
Liquid Solvent Dyes Plant
Dyes & Intermediates Plant
Speciality Chemicals Plant

Research & Development

Anar has always placed stress on in-house development of new products in our lines of manufacture as well as for improved quality and performance of existing products and processes. We work in close partnership with clients, under strict confidentiality to bring products to the market.
  • We have highly qualified and skilled human resources including masters and PhDs working in the R&D Lab.
  • Existing R & D Facilities in 1224 sq. ft. area include lab autoclave, multi-stirrer, and other equipments and apparatus mentioned in our Application.
  • Beside our own dedicated analytical facility we have tie-ups with recognized outside Labs like WRA, BTRA, IIT Powai for getting sophisticated analyses done for us.

Quality Control & Assurance

Anar is committed to achieving the highest standards of quality and continual improvement to ensure that the products and services we provide meet or exceed our customer's expectations We have a dedicated team of qualified people in QC & QA to ensure that we produce and deliver quality products to our customers.
We have in-process quality checks and controls with fully documented standard operating procedures.We continuously develop and validate our analytical methods and simultaneously have easy access to top labs in India for specialized analysis.

Pilot Plant

We have a state of the art multipurpose Pilot plant which is being used for High Value, Low Volume Niche product synthesis. Also we use pilot plant facility to study behaviour of the process and to identify critical safety issues before going for full scale production.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Our manufacturing facility is fully commited and certefifed for Enviornment, Health and Safety. We have Primary and Secondary Treatment Plants with a capacity of 350 m3/day We are members of an approved common spent acid processing facility and Common Effluent Treatment Plant of Vatva Industrial Estate.
** ANAR operates within the Consent terms issued by Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB)
** Environmental Impact Clearance obtained from Ministry of Environment & Forests, New Delhi.