Solvent Dyes

Solvent Red Dyes

Product Name: Solvent Red 19E
C. I. Name: Solvent Red 19
CAS No.: 6368-72-5
Solvents: HF
Product Name: Solvent Red 164
C. I. Name: Solvent Red 164
CAS No.: 71819-51-7
Solvents: HF & XY

Solvent Yellow Dyes

Product Name: Solvent Yellow 107
C. I. Name: Solvent Yellow 107
CAS No.: 67990-27-6
Solvents: HF, XY & Toluene
Product Name: Solvent Yellow 124
C. I. Name: Solvent Yellow 124
CAS No.: 34432-92-3
Solvents: HF

Solvent Blue Dyes

Product Name: Solvent Blue 98
C. I. Name: Solvent Blue 98
CAS No.: 74499-36-8
Solvents: HF & XY
Product Name: Solvent Blue 79
C. I. Name: Solvent Blue 79
CAS No.: 64553-79-3, 90170-70-0, 74499-36-8
Solvents: HF & XY

Solvent Green Dyes

Product Name: Solvent Green 33
C. I. Name: Solvent Green 33
CAS No.: 10671-57-8
Solvents: HF & XY

Solvent Orange Dyes

Product Name: Solvent Orange 98
C. I. Name: Solvent Orange 98
CAS No.: 29190-28-1, 65087-00-5, 68310-04-3
Solvents: HF & XY

Solvent Mixture Dyes

A representative list of our solvent dye mixtures as under:
S Black TW-60
S Black-H
S Blue 2189
S Bronze
S Brown M
S Green 5000
S Green G75
S Green M
S Orange M
S Purple RS 85
S Red B
S Yellow MK
Apart from the above, we can tailor-make any other solvent dyes or their mixtures as per customers shade requirement.

Disclaimer :

Indicated colors are only for representation and actual color may vary.