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Open Innovation

We at ANAR strive for Innovation and Creating Value. While our Research & Development teams are incredible, we also welcome ideas from motivated and interested individuals for mutual benefit. If you have any innovative and specific ideas, please contact us

Business Collaboration

We value our partnerships with customers, suppliers and co-workers who we believe are the main pillars of our organisation's growth and success. Anar has a reputation as "Trusted Partner" with several Indian and Global customers for Quality, Delivery and Ethical Business Policies, built up over nearly four decades.

Anar invites Business Collaboration proposals from genuine customers for your unique requirements. We have all required capabilities including state of the art R&D lab, multipurpose manufacturing facility and the human capabilities to make the collaboration successful.

Joint Venture

Anar MCAT Advanced Electronic Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is a Joint Venture with MCA Technologies, Switzerland to manufacture a Non Halogenated Flame Retardant PPM Triazine-HF for India and the international markets.

Career Opportunities

We invite talented and ambitious individuals to experience exciting career prospects at Anar. We offer a challenging environment where you can achieve your career goals and expect personal growth with stable work environment.

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