Metal Phthalocyanines & Derivatives

Metal Phthalocyanines & Derivatives

A phthalocyanine containing metal ions is called a metal phthalocyanine (M-PC). Metal Phthalocyanines are widely used as blue and green colorants for decades. Color fastness, color uniformity, color intensity, color stability coupled with easy access are the primary reasons for their application as colorants.

Salient Features

  • Anar has more than 30 Years Manufacturing Experience of Metal Phthalocyanines
  • First in India to develop Speciality Metal Phthalocyanines
  • First in India to develop derivatives of Metal Phthalocyanines for Niche applications
  • Other Niche applications beside usage as Colorants

Anar Chemicals is specialized manufacturer of following metal phthalocyanines and derivatives

Metal Phthalocyanines
Trade Name Chemical Name Application
FePc Iron Phthalocyanine Rubber Chemicals
NiPc Nickel Phthalocyanine Reactive Dyes
ZnPc Zinc Phthalocyanine Oxidation Catalyst, Ink
Metal Phthalocyanine Derivatives
Trade Name Chemical Name Application
BLUE 7500 ZnPc Tetra Sulphonic Acid Sodium Salt Stain Remover in Detergents
BLUE 1000 Mono Sulphonated CPc Pigment Additive for Ink
BLUE 5000 Phthalimido Methyl CPc Pigment Additive for Ink

Applications of Metal Phthalocyanines & Derivatives

  • Iron phthalocyanines (FePc) as Rubber Peptizing Agent
    Iron phthalocyanines (FePc) are used to "break down" or peptize natural rubber and synthetic butadiene-styrene rubbers before they are compounded. with the various ingredients used in their vulcanization.
  • Pigment Additives for Ink
    Metal phthalocyanine derivatives Blue 1000 & 5000 are used by Pigment manufacturers for enhancing their products performance in customer applications.
  • Sun Bleaching Agent in Detergents
    Blue 7500, a sulfonated derivative of Zinc phthalocyanine acts as solar bleaching agent in detergents where line drying is common. It remove stains by oxidative bleaching on wet fabric where sunlight serves as energy source
Appearance: Dark Blue Powder
Molecular Formula: C32H16N8Fe
Molecular Weight: 568
CAS No.: 132-16-1
Purity: 98 % Min.
(By Acid Pasting)
Metal Content (Fe): 9.5 %
Free Metal: <1000 PPM
Bulk Density : -
pH (2% aq. Soln): 6 to 8
Application : Rubber Chemical, Oxidation Catalyst, Odour Removal
Appearance: Blue Amorphous Powder
Molecular Formula: C32H16N8Ni
Molecular Weight: 571.229
CAS No.: 14055 - 02 - 8
Purity: 97 % Min.
(By Acid Pasting)
Chlorine Content: -
Metal Content (Ni): 9.9%
Free Metal content: Less then 1000 PPM
pH (2% aq. Soln): 6 - 5 to 7
Application : Oxidation Catalyst, Reactive Dyes
Appearance: Blue Powder
Molecular Formula: C32H16N8Zn
Molecular Weight: 577.916
CAS No.: 14320 - 04 - 8
Purity: 96 % Max.
(By Acid Pasting)
Metal Content (Zn): 10.60 %
Free Metal: 0.5 % Max.
Bulk Density: 0.56
pH (2% aq. Soln): 6 - 5 to 7
Application : Oxidation Catalyst, Ink, Intermediate for Color Filters